Website Design

At AMP, we take your vision and turn it into the website you want. Visitors come to your website to find information about the things they need or are interested in. Your site should be simple, functional and engaging. The longer you can keep someone on your website, the better chance you have of turning them into a customer.

We specialize in WordPress websites which allow unlimited customizations. Websites can be robust and intricate or built to meet the minimum requirements for giving you a presence on the Internet.

You can trust that we won’t try to convince you into buying a website that is more than what you need, or charge you outrageous prices for updating and maintaining your website. Because each website is unique, we go through a thorough consultation with our clients to assure we stay within their budget.

In the following examples of our work, each site’s look, feel and functionality was determined solely by our clients to suit their specific needs.