TV Commercials

Do you think advertising on TV is too expensive? Well you would be very surprised to know how affordable television advertising is. Cable television makes it possible for advertisers to target their message to a specific geographic area and reach thousands of potential customers effectively for about the cost of a print ad campaign. At ADvantageous Media Partners, we consult with you to produce a commercial consistent with your message and image.

Rates for local cable TV start at or around $5.00 per 30 second commercial, depending upon the network and time. Our secret is to match up what your company does to the people most likely to buy your product or use your service. After that, we create a plan of action and negotiate on your behalf to get you the most advantageous rates for cable and broadcast networks.

Our commercial production rates are based on what your needs are. Most local advertisers can have a professionally produced commercial for a fraction of the price of most agencies with the right forethought and planning. We help our clients navigate the tricky waters.

Click on the videos below to see a sample of our work then call us to discuss whether television is right for you.